Ground and Powder Seafood Dried and Smoked Seafood Ready to Eat Seafood Frozen Seafood
Ready to Eat Seafood
  • Fish Snack
    Bashed Silver Silago
    Roasted Yellow Stripe Trevally
    Shredded Squid
    Dried Seasoned Squid
    Crispy Seasoned Anchovy
  • Crispy Seasoned Shrimp
    Crispy Seasoned Crab
    Instant Thai Spicy Soup(Tom Klong Pla Krob)
    Fish Skin Snack
    Salmon Floss
    Rolled Fish Snack
  • Crispy Seasoned Shrimp
    Crispy Spicy Squid Ring
    Fish Snack(Crab Stick, Pizza, BBQ Flavoured)
    Dried Seasoned Squid
    Crispy fish tempura