Company Background

P.N.Marine Foods Products Co.,Ltd. was established in 1988 by Mr.Phongsak and Mrs.Nusara Thavonthaveevong processing and distributing preserved, dried, smoked and ready to eat seafood. With great expertise in seafood for more than 30 years and combined with traditional preserved food methods makes us P.N.Marine Foods Products become a leading of seafood manufactured in Thailand. With our commitment to produce high quality, safe and nutritious food in every stage of our manufacturing process, we had launched I.Q.FIT and P.N.MARINE brands to fulfill and serve our customers demand. Also, with strong determination to produce high quality standard food and absolute hygiene to our customers. With this practise, PN Marine acquired many international standards such as ISO 9001:2008, GMP, HACCP and Halal certified by the Isalamic Committee Office of Thailand. P.N.Marine Foods Products had widely been trusted for renowned quality and been welcomed by domestic customers and foreigner. If the quality products is what you are desired, you will definitely find them here at P.N.Marine Foods Products Co.,Ltd.

Our products divided into 4 categories as below
Ground and Powder Seafood
Ground and Powder Seafood are used as ingredients in producing sauce, chili paste, seasoning and etc.
Dried and Smoked Seafood
Our company has selected the best raw material and process with latest drying and smoking technologies under international standards to ensure the absolute hygiene to consumers.
Ready To Eat Seafood
Ready to eat seafood is to added more value to our products to serve new consumers life style of being concern about their health and convenience for consumption.
Frozen Seafood
Our frozen products are produced from well selected and fresh raw material aligning the operation with high standard to maintain the freshness and taste of products.